Project Description

Youth Mentoring Programs

CFT’s mentoring program ensures that our youth participants have at least one consistent, trusting adult in their lives to help them navigate daily challenges, make positive decisions, and know that someone is cheering them on. CFT provides a customized mentorship experience to each school aligning with the goals of each school’s School Improvement Plan. Used as a transformative tool in personal growth for participants, CFT provides best practices in mentoring through the following: individual attention, lasting relationships, group activities, and taking a holistic approach.

The program takes youth participants on a journey to transform their confidence, internal and external communication skills, and emotional and mental wellbeing. Through mental stimulation exercises, group discussions, life-skills lessons, guided exercises, group mentoring, and one-on-one mentoring, students and their mentor discover the importance of understanding and implementing life-changing topics which lead to fulfilling purposeful life.

Youths Served in 2021
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