Project Description

Summer Camp

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that merges self-defense with acrobatics, music, dance, and culture. Summer Camp days are full of excitement where campers learn and are trained in the different aspects Capoeira has to offer all throughout the day. In addition to learning Capoeira, each day is supplemented with different games, and activities, which coincide with the theme of the week, to give your child a complete summer vacation. By the end of summer, your child will be more fit, focused, and self-confident!

Capoeira Activities

  • Movements and Self-defense Training
  • Anti-bullying & self-esteem building activities
  • Acrobatics Class: Floor and Trampoline
  • Capoeira Music Class: Your child will learn how to play three different instruments, learn songs in Portuguese, and learn a variety of rhythms.
  • Capoeira performance training
  • Capoeira and Brazilian History
  • Maculele

Additional Activities

  • Soccer, basketball, dance
  • Fun games and activities
  • Daily scholastic activities to keep the mind sharp
  • Portuguese lesson
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Art and gardening projects
  • Healthy Living Program: nutrition, exercises, mind-body-soul health
  • Personal Development lessons and Group Mentoring
  • Guest speakers (example: CPR training, firefighter)
  • Free Onsite Fieldtrip experience: magician, virtual reality, waterslides, soap making, and more!
Campers Served
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